I'm an attorney

and writer living

and working in

Houston, Texas!

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I started simplifying my life and decluttering my home Marie Kondo style. Things started getting better, but I soon realized that it was my mindset that needed a makeover. I started working on myself, and I was able to beat burnout, land my dream job working from home, and create a profitable online business. Now, I'm teaching other women how to take back their lives and careers.

I help women lead more fulfilling lives and careers and focus on the things that matter most. If you're an overwhelmed working woman, I know just how you feel. A few years ago, I was commuting over an hour to work each way and I never had enough time to juggle everything and work on my goals. I was sitting in traffic in tears one day, and it's then that I knew that something had to change. 

attorney and writer

Hey, I'm Debra!

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what do we have in common?


where's your favorite place to work?

home office

comfy cafe

co-working space

i love to work...

from the comfort of home!

I've been working from home full time since 2018 and I love working at my desk in comfy clothes.

what drives you to succeed?




what drives me...


I'm a single mom and my son is definitely my biggest motivator. But, I have to make money to live well so earning an income is a motivating factor, too.

what's your dream vacay destination?




my dream vacay destination is...

paris, france!

I've even taken French lessons! But, I want to visit all three destinations.

my favorite movie is...!

the pursuit of happyness

Never give up on your dreams.