Planning & Productivity for May 2017

A new month is here, and once again, it feels like a fresh start. May is a a great month to kick your productivity up a notch just in time for summer. This month, I’m focusing on getting my body healthy and summer-ready. I’m working on my language skills, and I’m doing a career evaluation. Here are my plans to make May 2017 one of my best months ever.

Healthy, Happy Body

I know that I’m happiest when I’m fit and in shape, but it seems like I haven’t been able to get my body back into the shape the way I’d like it to be. I’ve been increasing my efforts to get into shape this past month by experimenting with smoothies and juicing, and increasing my daily activity. I’ve cut out soda and other unhealthy drinks. I’ve also reduced my caffeine intake, and I’ve been walking three miles daily. Still, the scale won’t budge.

My plan for May 2017 is to join a 6-week weight-loss challenge and follow an eating plan, instead of eating healthy food sporadically. Hopefully, I’ll see the scale budge by making these changes. But, even more than the scale, I’d like to experience an increase in my energy and overall fitness levels. It’s important to me to maintain my fitness, so that my overall health will improve. I’ll be posting my regimen and recipes throughout the month!

Language Learning

I’ve been studying French for a few months. I started taking classes formally in January of 2017. The beginner classes were easy and fun. Now that I’ve started my intermediate classes, it’s still fun, but not quite as easy. We have a lot of new, but experienced, students in our sessions and some of them already speak more French than me. That means my teacher doesn’t translate much, and I have to focus and study more to keep up with the class.

It’s really hard to find time to study at home, and just doing the homework doesn’t seem to be enough. This month, I’m going to try making my own outlines, similar to how to how I did when I was in law school. I’ve also started using the Duolingo program again to review vocabulary, and I recently found out about another language program called Mango that I’ll be trying out. Mango is not free, but access is available through local libraries.

It’s completely my choice to study French. I don’t have to do it, but I really enjoy it. I like having the mental challenge of trying to learn something new. But, it’s not worth it for me to pay for and attend the classes if I’m not going to put in the work that it takes to be successful. That’s why I’m committed to stepping my game up in the month of May.

Career & Resume Shape-Up

Ahhhh, career talk. This month, I’ll be doing my own career assessment, working on improving my resume, and updating the services that I offer here on my blog. I’m really a creative at heart when it comes to “work.” So, I’d prefer it if opportunities would just drift my way so that I can take them. Instead, I know that I actually have to work for them. I’ll be setting some career goals and crafting my resume to look for new opportunities in my 9 to 5, and for my writing career. Watch out for my posts on how you can do your own career assessment and make a plan to reach your professional goals.

Best Month Ever

So, what will make this my best month ever? The fact that I choose for it to be. I’ve actually been going through a lot of challenges personally and professionally, but I know that things are better when I actually set goals and focus on what’s going well, instead of focusing on what’s going wrong. Some of the things that help me stay focused are journaling, using positive affirmations, and making a plan with steps that I can actually follow. If you’ve been experiencing challenges like me, try setting a few small goals and marking them off your list. Accomplishing even the smallest tasks can give you a sense of achievement and help you have your best month, too.


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