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I'm a lawyer and blogger living and working in Houston, Texas. I've been creating content and earning an extra income online for over ten years.

I know just how hard it can be to launch your own website and figure out how to create content online when you're busy with your career and family. 

But, I also know how much earning an extra income online and working remotely from home has helped me. My goal is to help other women transition to remote work and and launch online businesses and brands. 

The last year made it clear that it's more important than ever to have multiple steams of income and to establish your own brand even if you are still working in your full time job. I'll show you how.

Hello there! I'm Debra.


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Download my free guide with the exact steps and resources I used to launch my new website and blog on Showit.

Launch Your Website and Blog on Showit While Working Full Time

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