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debra johnson

Debra Johnson is a licensed attorney and experienced writer and online content creator. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Texas Southern University and a Juris Doctorate from TSU's Thurgood Marshall School of Law. She practices employment law and serves as a Human Resources Consultant.

Debra started creating content online in 2008, when she started her first blog on WordPress. In 2009, she launched a YouTube channel on beauty and hair care before transitioning to working behind the scenes as a copywriter and blogger for beauty brands, including Olay Beauty.

In 2020, Debra relaunched her personal blog and YouTube channel to create a space for ambitious women to get advice and coaching on lifestyle topics, career tips, making and managing money, starting a business, and developing the mindset for success.

Professional Bio

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Debra runs one of the few actively engaged YouTube channels geared towards professional working women.

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✔ Over 70% female viewers. 

 ✔ Primarily age 25-34 years.

 ✔ Diverse viewers, predominately Black women.  

 ✔ Working professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

You can check out the channel to get a feel for the channel and community! 

Debra's channel is newly relaunched and growing! Here's a sneak peak at what members are a part of the community.

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