It’s Mother’s Day and Ciara and Russell Wilson are celebrating the birth of their new baby girl. Baby Princess is the newest addition to the family, making little Future a big brother. As we reflect on motherhood, there are lots of lessons that working mothers can learn from high-profile songtress Ciara.

Ciara has been in the spotlight since long before she became a mother. She burst onto the music scene during her teenage years, and she quickly gained popularity with her sultry hip-hop dance style, and smooth R&B singing voice. She expanded her career into acting, and she has maintained a successful singing career to this day.

Like most entertainers, Ciara dated other high-profile people in the music industry, and eventually became involved with rapper Future. They were engaged and she gave birth to a son, named after his father’s stage name. The pair split before getting married, and that was Ciara’s first test as a working mom.

She received backlash from some of Future’s fans, and people who were generally critical of her as a single, working mom. Instead of shying away from the spotlight, Ciara used the criticism to fuel her artistry, and spoke out about the failed relationship through her songs.

Eventually, Ciara started a new relationship with Russell Wilson, they married, and now have a child. Unfortunately, the criticism has not ended. As is the case when one lives a public lifestyle, naysayers have continued to scrutinize her every move, but Ciara has stayed strong.

Her perseverance as a woman, and as a working mother is admirable. There are lessons that all of us can take from the way she has handled criticism over her public relationships with style and grace.

Continue Working & Creating

When any of us go through difficult times with our families, our initial instinct is to slow down on our work. It’s only natural, as the stress from dealing with family issues can cause us to want to withdraw. Ciara had the means to stop working, or to slow down on her creativity, but she didn’t.

Instead, she continued to do what she loved. Despite her public break-up, she continued to put out new music and tour. She got right back into shape after having her baby, and she always showed up with a positive spirit.

Ciara continued connecting with her fans online through social media, and through her music. She was able to draw strength from fans who had been rocking with her for many years. When we continue to pursue the work that we love, even in difficult times, we’re able to maintain a sense of accomplishment and independence.

If you need to take a break during hard times to regroup and refocus, that’s fine. But, once you’re okay again, get back to work, and get back to connecting with the clients and customers that believe in you.

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Turn to Family and Friends for Support

Ciara is blessed to have a support network of family and friends to support her. Although her private relationships are just that – private, it’s likely that she turned to her family and friends to share her thoughts, and to receive emotional support.

Those of us working moms who have supportive family members and friends need to let them know when we need help. We don’t always have to play the role of “super woman” or “super mom.” We can let the people we know and trust know that we need help during the hard times.

Ciara now also has a man, Russell, that supports her not only personally, but professionally. As working women, we have a lot to balance, and it’s important to have a partner to support us when things get hard to handle at work.

Realize Your Worth

Unfortunately, during the break-up, Ciara had to deal with public backlash from Future and his fans. A lot of not-so-nice things were said about Ciara in the media. She was criticized for her relationships choices and for having her son.

Through it all, she continued to act as a woman with a high worth. She never turned to publicly insulting her former mate. In interviews, she handled questions with class, and she continued to come across as lovable and sweet.

When she began dating Russell Wilson, NFL quarterback, some people had negative things to say about her being a single mother. Again, she continued to act as a woman with a high worth, and she didn’t let the naysayers ruin her relationships.

Turn Lemons Into Lemonade

The old saying goes, “Turn lemons into lemonade,” and that is exactly what Ciara did. Although she never directly told the story of what happened in her break-up, her album talked about being cheated on and mistreated.

Her female fans were able to connect with her experiences, and Ciara was able to address rumors about the break-up without saying anything disparaging about her ex. As working mothers, we can do the same by using our experiences to connect with clients and customers, instead of letting our negative experiences bring us down.

Living Well is the Best Revenge

Ultimately, Ciara has had the last laugh. She is now happily married to Russell Wilson, and they have a new baby girl to complete their family. Despite the difficult times that she has been through, everything has worked out.

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Some of us working moms are still in the struggle. We haven’t gotten our “happily ever after” ending yet, but it’s coming. No matter what your happiness looks like, whether it’s a happy family, or a successful career, living well is the best way to get “revenge” against naysayers.

If you are a working mother who is struggling with hard times at work, a lack of support at home, or a sense that you’re falling behind in your business or career, just remember that these hard times will pass. By using the example set by Ciara, and the examples set by other strong women in your own life, you, too, can live well in the end, and find your own happily ever after. Happy Mother’s Day.