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Legal Disclaimer

DebraJohnson.com is a lifestyle and beauty blog owned and maintained by Debra Johnson. The information presented here is for entertainment purposes only. Every attempt is made to provide accurate information, and to present honest opinions. However, any opinions, recommendations, or representations are the sole opinion of the author, and do not necessarily represent statements of fact, unless where statements of fact and disclaimers are required by law.

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Legal Maven, PLLC

This website was formerly the home of the Law Office of Debra A. Johnson and Legal Maven, PLLC. This website is now the personal blog and website of Debra Johnson, and is no longer owned or operated by Legal Maven, PLLC. To access the new law firm website, please visit http://legalmaven.co. Any legal information provided on DebraJohnson.com is for informational purposes only, and does not represent legal advice, nor does it form an attorney-client relationship between Debra Johnson or Legal Maven, PLLC, and the end user.

Privacy Policy

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Updated 4/15/2017